I know that criminals look-alike to me are making crimes to create damages to me through the accomplice TV show: the tribunal Forum of Mediaset.

Since at least one year I know that the criminals look-alike to me are going in the fraternities saying that they are me and to authorize rfid's experiments, damaging my property and halt its sell, then damages to me.

To distinguish me from the criminals I didn't cut the beard.
(Photos extracted by the videos at the  end of this page)


Marche - Italy: human rights violations and refund  

Not Authorized Experiments Captivity




UpLeft:      hole in the ceiling made by neighbour to install a spycam          UpRight:       Spycam Detector calibration in a free zone

DownLeft: Detector on the Target                                                                DownRight:  Detector on the Target

Dear sirs,
if a person is suffering the follows rights violations (in pesaro, via lubiana 29) since 1996 (at least) or more since 1983. Which kind of refund a person could have, please?
Crimes against I (from Italian criminal code)
http://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Codice_Penale ... I'm sorry but in Italy we have some delays not only for rights, then you could translate with

  • crimes against person
    art 494 - art 496 - art 498
  • crimes against freedom
    art 600 - art 613
  • crimes against domicile
    art 614 - art 615 bis
  • crimes against privacy
    art 616 - art 617 (alls) - art 618
  • crimes against property
    art 634
Best regards

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On the just spoken violations, the follows are my doubles put on purpose from related confraternities\mobsters to damage the complainant



     Other video image of the Double Massimo Ginesi after 15"                                               Video Up at 1':40'' double Alessio owner of Pizza firm in Rome



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